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Business/Personal Loan

Business/Personal Loan

1. Purpose/Object:
The main object of the scheme to provide financial assistance to meet the various needs/requirement of the individuals/self-employed persons or Professionals/business persons for purchase/construction of commercial building/shop loan.
2. Eligibility:
- Individuals ( it may include co- borrower) who are-
Self employed persons.
b) Other –HUF, Trust ,firm including partnership firm, group, association of persons & Pvt/ltd Company.
3. Age limit:
Maximum age limit 60 years. If age is above 60 years than co-borrower be Insisted upon.
4. Loan amount:
Admissibility of loan be assessed based on the following:
3) 48 times of monthly income or 4 times of yearly income. Or
4) 75% of registered value *(including registry expenses). Or
5) On the basis of project report. Or
6) Maximum amount /up to Rs.50 lacs.
Note Relaxation:
i.In genuine cases loan limit up to 5 times of annual income may be considered by the Loan sub committee. The loan amount would be lowest of the above.
ii. Relaxation in margin up to 5% be considered by the Loan sub-committee (i.e. up 80% of registered value including registry charges be considered by LSC instead of 75% as above)
5. Security:
1. Equitable mortgage of legally acceptable title documents of non- encumbered shop/ commercial building/Urban property allotted by the JDA/other municipal authority in the name of borrower which is either self occupied or vacant, which is not mortgaged to any institution/bank for any purpose. In case of shop being purchased from builder in a commercial building/trade centre, the following documents would be required:
I) Original stamped agreement executed with the builder on Rs.100/- stamp paper.
II) Receipts of the payment made to the builder.
III) Certified copy to permission letter granted by the competent authority (JDA/JMC etc.) to the builder.
IV) Certified copy of approved plan of building /commercial complex.
V) Any other document, if required.