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Mortgage Loan

Fingrowth Bank offers mortgage loans at competitive interest rate to meet the various needs/ requirement of the individuals/self-employed persons or professionals/business persons by mortgaging immovable property.

Who can borrow ?
a) Individuals, who are

i) Employees.
ii) Professionals
iii) Businessman/Others who are Income tax payee
b) Net monthly income for salaried persons is not less than Rs. 5000/-p.m. or net annual income is not less than Rs. 60,000/- in case of self
employed and others.
(The genuine income of spouse may be considered if he or she is co-borrower)
Age Limit: Maximum age limit: 60 years at the time of applying loan.

Where to approach?
You may contact any of our branch, spread all over in Jaipur, Kishangarh (Ajmer) and Palanpur (Gujarat) or the Head Office of the Bank.

Maximum limit of assistance:
Mortgage (Team) Loan
a) Four times of yearly income
b) Minimum amount Rs.1.00 Lacs.

What documents are required?
Application form duly filled in all respect along with requisite documents.

A) For salaried employees :
• Salary certificate/Income Tax Return
• Verification of employment from employer.
• If job is transferable, permanent address for correspondence.

B) For Self employed persons :
• Evidence of income
• Copy of bank accounts if not an account holder of the bank.
• Income-tax return of last 2 years along with PAN Card.
• Residence proof

Security : Legally acceptable title documents of non-encumbered residential house /flat/Urban property/Commercial/Industrial property in the name of borrower, either self occupied or vacant  and not mortgaged to any other institution/bank for any purpose.
Margin: 50% of market value of property. The value shall be assessed by the approved valuer of the Bank.
Rate of Interest: As per interest rates prevailing from time to time.
Disbursement: Term Loan: In one & two installments as per applicant’s/borrower’s need.